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Dr Drum – Dubstep Program Reviewed

Dr Drum – Dubstep Program Reviewed

So, I went ahead and bought Dr Drum so I could give you guys (and girls) a review on the newest program I am using to make dusbtep. Here are some of the pros and cons of Dr Drum music production program.




Keyword Commands – I haven’t read the manual which may be part of the problem but I haven’t figured out how to switch tools without having to manually click with the mouse. This can become a real pain when you are trying to produce quickly; rather than having to click you should be able to use key commands to switch on the fly.

Sound Banks - While there are a ton of sounds to choose from some of them are not that great. One way to get past this is download free sample packs off the net and just import them into the kit that you want to use.

Stopping Track To Erase - This is another issue I have with the production flow because, like I said, I like to produce quickly and efficiently and when I have to stop the track to erase an instrument that I penciled in, it can be a pretty big pain in the ass.

Pros -

Price Tag - When you can grab a DAW (digital audio workstation) for under $40 it is a steal, and to be honest I think it is too low of a price but I am not going to bitch. I love to pay less and I’m sure most of you do too.

Export To Youtube - I Have yet to see this function in ANY DAW which is pretty cool because instead of exporting the track when you are done, saving it, heading over to youtube, uploading and all of that, you can just do all from inside the control panel of Dr Drum. As a music producer one of the biggest ways to spread your name is through Youtube so this feature is great to have.

EQ - This is a huge step up from Dubturbo and one of the main reasons I have switch fulled time to Dr Drum. For Those of you who don’t know what an EQ is, it basically allows you to form and manipulate any sound by boosting or cutting frequencies. For example, if the bass is to boomy or low you may cut some of that frequency in order to bring it down a bit. Every single “channel” has its own EQ so you can tweak any sound, unlike Dubturbo.

Video Training - I jumped right into Dr Drum without any training but I have been producing for a while now so these videos are great for anyone that doesn’t understand music production and has never made music before. There are tons of step by step tutorials on everything like how to get around the program to making dubstep music.

There are tons of audio workstations out there to choose from and I have added reviews to most of them right here on my website. If you get overwhelmed with questions about which music program to purchase just skim through my reviews and get the one that “feels” good to you. If you have been looking into Dubturbo I would suggest taking a closer look into Dr Drum because I feel that the software is a bit higher quality and I love the added EQ feature.


Make Beats With Dr Drum – Click Here

Dubturbo 2.0 – Dubstep Programs Reviewed

Dubturbo 2.0 – Dubstep Program Reviewed

This one was made in Dubturbo which is one of my new favorite dubstep program. Click play to listen

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Click Here For Dubturbo Official Site

If you are anything like I was when i started making music you may feel a bit overwhelmed with a ton of questions about where to start, what program to use, or even how it is possible to make a specific type of music. Skrillex and Skream had the same feeling at one point or another so keep that in mind. It is your job to stay motivated and use the software and tools they use to create filthy dubstep tracks.

As with any program that a few things I really like about Dubturbo and a few things I don’t like. Here are some of the good and bad that I think you should know about Dubturbo.



PRICE TAG - This is the main reason I chose this as my software of choice. I paid $26 at Taco Bell the other night for 3 people. I guess I figured I could make music for the same price as a fast food meal, so why not. haha!

Online version - This is something that no other dubstep programs have to offer, and I know because I have tried them ALL. Say you don’t have a laptop but you want to make a beat at your friends house. BAM! Making crunchy dubstep beats right from his computer (with internet obviously)

High Quality Sounds - It is nice to have extremely high quality sounds right “out of the box” unlike some programs *cough* Logic *cough*. There are plenty of different sounds that will cover all kinds of genres of music, especially filthy dubstep.


Key Commands - Coming from Logic I find that I use keywords more often than I thought, so when I have to switch manually from eraser to pencil it gets a bit frustrating. Perhaps, I should read the manual to see if there is a command. But then again, who wants to read a manual.

Sample Based - The sounds are high quality samples which makes it impossible to extend or shorten the length of a note. I like being able to paint in a note and extend it to suit my needs although this is not possible.

Video Tutorials - The video tutorials did help although I was hoping they would focus a few tutorials on dubstep music specifically, but they were more hip hop, or dance tutorials than anything else.

Overall, I think Dubturbo is one of the best dubstep programs available because of it’s price in comparison to every single other DAW that wants to charge over $400. I did find a few of the features a bit lacking like the penciling in notes/sample issue but I have found a number of ways to work around the issues that have come my way.

The problem now is that I want to get my hands on tons of sample packs, VSTs and plugins, and outboard gear but I think I will wait until I make money from my first album!

Logic Studio Pro – Top Dubstep Programs

Logic Studio Pro – Top Dubstep Programs

Want to hear my first production in Logic?Promise not to laugh? Just click play to listen

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When it comes to dubstep programs and creating filthy dubstep that is wobble worthy you really have to start with a strong foundation.

When I first started producing dance music I tried to get all the free programs, loops, samples, and hardware that I could get my hands on. I started getting into torrents and cracks until I realized-they are all just CRAP.

The torrents and cracks would never work right and when your making a sick song the last think you want is for your program to crash. It is one of the most frustrating and unmotivated things ever!

This was about the time I started investing in my favorite new passion and hobby. Logic was the first program that I though about purchasing. Why?


Click Here to Start Making Beats With Logic Pro Studio


Caps lock keyboard
– For those of you that don’t know what the caps lock keyboard is, it is basically using your keyboard as a midi keyword. This can save you some money when you get started so you don’t have to spend a bunch up front.

Nice User Interface – Once you get the hang of the program you can get around pretty fast, especially with automation which is a huge factor of making dubstep music.

Cons -

HUGE Price Tag – This program will run you well over $400. Yes, you could get cracks but as mentioned, they are just crap. There are too many programs out there to be spending this kind of cash. Not to mention you have to have an Apple!

The plugins are not that great – I think Apple tried to make these things as confusing as possible for beginners which is really hampering on creation.

The sounds suck – The ES2 and other synths need a ton of work before they can be used to create some cool sounds. This can be hard if you are just starting out so it is important to understand the tools before you dive right in. Find out some basic information about synths right here.

Mariam Wobster – Early Dr Drum Dubstep Productio

Mariam Wobster – Dr Drum Production

After finding my go to program I am starting to get some crazy wobbles. Check it out!

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I hope you enjoy the clip. That will be going on my first album, so I am pretty excited about that. If you want to know what I did differently from my previous song clips you may have heard I can honestly say not much. Here is a list.

Click Here To Find Out More About Dr Drum


No More Crashing – I couldn’t take the crashing every 10 minutes from Logic so I switched DAWs and started using Dr Drum.

Wobble Practice – I got together with a friend of my who taught me how to create wobbles and STORE THEM for future use. I would literally sit there tweaking waves, oscillators, rate and all that for hours.

Practice, Practice – I just keep making music, and I don’t stop!

If you have been making music for months and haven’t created anything all that great you may want to look at the tools or your overall work ethic. The old saying is still true that practice makes perfect and unfortunately the dubstep wont make itself wobble so you have to do it.

When I started out I had no idea what programs to use, what sounds worked well with others, or even where to start when it came to producing a beat. All it takes is practice, quality tools, and a little bit of time and you will be making dubstep just like this! Be sure to watch the video lessons on this website because they helped me make Mariam Wobster.

My First Production – Logic Software

My First Production – Logic Software

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This is my first logic production that was not meant to be dubstep but I was definitely going for a dance feel. If you have read my blog then you know I really didn’t know what I was doing and was really lost in the program.

As you will see in future posts I have come much better at creating solid dubstep that will get you moving. Be sure to check those posts out here.

For anyone just starting out creating dubstep I would say work on those wubs and get that down because that really is the main focus of dubstep (obviously). I suggest saving presets so that you can use them in future songs that you will create. This way you don’t have to spend hours creating the same wobbles over and over.

Another suggestion I have for anyone interesting making music is taking a few days just to create some solid drum tracks. Drums are another crucial factor in creating an awesome dubstep track. These two tips alone will allow you to create better dubstep faster so be sure to put them to use.

After a few months in Logic I think I realized it just wasn’t the program for me. But, that is not to say that Logic is not a great program. Be sure to check out my post on Logic to find out the pros and cons of on of the top dubstep programs around.